AidMate smart incontinence care

The current incontinence care process has many inefficiencies. Pants are frequently changed too late, causing ethical, medical and financial problems.

We are developing a smart incontinence pant to enable individualised, dignified incontinence care.

$25 Billion incontinence market until 2022
More than 70% of people in care homes are suffering from incontinence
200 Million people with
incontinence issues worldwide

A connected care ecosystem based on intelligent incontinence pants

Our big data is a catalyst for actionable insights, creating the possibility for individualised care.

Through an ever growing amount of data and machine learning, intelligent algorithms are able to detect abnormal patterns and medical problems while predicting issues and harmful behaviour.
Through the collection of big data, intelligent algorithms are able to detect emergencies, diseases, and abnormal behaviour patterns in order to prevent issues.
There is huge potential to optimise and support current care processes through the elimination of redundant, established routines and changing of inefficient habits.
Merging data from multiple sources and sensors and integrating our solutions into existing infrastructure, processes, and applications opens up a multitude of possibilities regarding workflow optimisation and the elimination of unnecessary work and medical issues.

Future services for AidMate

Addition of further apps and services to go from incontinence care to a holistic care ecosystem

AidMate v1.0
The incontinence care use case is our power application to build an IoT backbone which is used by nursing homes and nursing services.
Emergency detection
Fall detection, localisation, among others
Vital signs
Monitoring: heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, sleep patterns, changes after medication adjustments
Medical device integration
Integrate 3rd party devices into the AssistMe ecosystem to create a holistic care ecosystem
For urine analysis: disease prevention through early detection