Become a pioneer

We're a company of pioneers in elderly care, building a future where IoT is leveraged to serve people, create value, and improve quality of life.

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Enable personalised care
Every person in need of care has unique needs and preferences. You can help develop technologies to enable a more personalised, human-centric approach to elderly care.
Bring new energy to data
Through an ever growing amount of data and machine learning, artificial intelligence is able to detect abnormal patterns and medical problems, as well as predict issues and harmful behaviour. Join our mission to improve this intelligence.
Optimise the care process
There is a huge potential to support current care processes through eliminating redundant, established routines and changing inefficient habits. You can have a significant impact on optimising those care processes.
Predict to prevent
Through the collection of big data, intelligent algorithms are able to detect emergencies, diseases, and abnormal behaviour patterns in order to prevent issues. This will have a huge impact on the wellbeing of many people.

Our three guiding ideas

Dreams + reality + determination = success

Focus on the mission
“The hardest part of building a solution is deciding precisely what to build.“
The work we do is incredibly complex – it touches computer science, data science, software engineering, hardware engineering, large-scale distributed IoT systems, user behaviour – just to name a few. Not to get sidetracked on irrelevant issues is hard, but extremely vital for building significant products.
Nothing is permanent
“Successful products always gets changed.“
We iterate obsessively on everything we do, always collecting new information about the right way to solve a problem. Existing components and processes are supplanted by new, better solutions as they become apparent. For those who built the thing being discarded, this is a cause for celebration not sadness. Replacement is viewed as success: we have now reached the next plateau of functionality and design and iteration begins anew.
Mistakes create value
“Effective, innovative thinkers are going to make mistakes.“
We encourage risk-taking even if it leads to mistakes. The critical thing is to then identify, analyse, and learn from those mistakes.