AssistMe is your

Digital Care Assistant

Through smart incontinence pants AssistMe keeps you updated about pressing care needs - anytime, anywhere.

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how it works

Our Smart Sensor Technology

The AssistMe sensor immediately detects liquid and stool events. The multi-functional AssistMe clip transmits the sensed data in an encrypted format to the cloud server.

AssistMe Cloud

The AssistMe cloud and backend system turns transmitted data into insightful and actionable information, storing them in a trusted cloud server environment.

Mobile & Web applications

Our mobile and web applications were developed in close collaboration with caregivers. As a result of their feedback the applications are easy and intuitive to use and perfectly adapted to the caregivers’ needs.

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Key Features

We have to ask ourselves, if the care standards that we've established in our society are still achievable under current conditions, and how our product can help with delivering incontinence care in a fair and humanized way.

Barbara M.-T., Industry expert & former caregiver

data security

On-premises and cloud-based hybrid system to meet compliance requirements

Cloud-based infra-structure with state of the art security capabilities

End-to-end encryption across all services to protect sensitive information