Improving care through innovation.

Caring for the people who once cared for us.

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We are tackling the consequences of an ageing population

One of the most significant socioeconomic problems of our future is the impact of the upcoming demographic change. In almost all countries, the ratio of old to young people is increasing – sometimes drastically.

Innovative ideas can alleviate this impact. At AssistMe we develop the technologies of tomorrow to help society care for the people that once cared for us.

Our technical solutions will allow a more independent lifestyle for elderly people and people in need of care.

Population 50+
Significant rise in population over 50 in the near future

Our approach

Elderly care is a challenging market to enter and develop business models for: a lack of caregivers, high cost-saving pressure, a low willingness and ability to pay for technological solutions, and major reservations regarding technology collectively make it strenuous to succeed.

Where others shy away from a significant challenge, we thrive. The unchartered, tough territory of the elderly care market is a motivating factor for us. We are happy to act as a time machine, bringing the future closer to the present.

Here is how we do it.

Breakthrough Solution

First, we focus on developing and prototyping a use-case specific IoT solution for ONE specific problem. Trying to solve multiple large problems at once usually leads to solving none.


Secondly, the substantial benefits of our breakthrough solution justifies the installation of an IoT care infrastructure (e.g. gateways, cloud). System intelligence sits within the cloud to enable cost-effective scalability.

Our first product is the breakthrough solution coupled with its infrastructure.

Added Applications & Services

Once the care infrastructure is installed and financed by the breakthrough solution’s benefit, further services and apps can be introduced at minimal effort. The initial solution gets more valuable with every developed or newly integrated add-on application or service.

We are realising our goal of improving care through innovation by building a holistic IoT care ecosystem, step by step.

Our first Breakthrough Solution

Incontinence is more prevalent than expected and one of the most unpleasant topics of old age. This topic will affect most of our loved ones and ourselves. Currently, it is a problem in elderly care with hardly any innovative solutions.

We are changing this.

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